Everglades Bicycling Tours

Venture into our subtropical paradise by bicycle, and discover a plethora of endangered plants and exotic species. There’s so much to see in the Everglades; biking tours are one of the best ways to see it all.

Activity Level:

Easy = May include walking short distances and/or light physical activity.
Moderate = May include longer distance walks and/or walking rough terrain and/or fair amount of physical activity.
Advanced = May include an extended time where more involved physical activity is needed.

Bicycle Eco-Tours

Partner: Everglades Area Tours
Activity Level: Easy
Duration: 2 ½ – 3 hours
Contact: (800) 860-1472 / Email / Website

  • Tour Description: The Everglades is a gorgeous, pristine panorama, surrounded by a plethora of plants and exotic species. Enjoy the scenic view and tour by riding a bicycle through this unique setting. This is a guided interpretive experience in an area that hosts a wide array of habitats and forest types from the wetter swamps and prairies to the drier islands of tropical hardwood hammocks and pine rock lands. This tour includes all the equipment necessary, including geared bicycles, water, binoculars, and snacks. The Naturalist Guide will lead you to the several hidden gems in the area that will create memories for a lifetime. It’s a fun and unique experience where you can learn about the Everglades and the beautiful qualities it has to offer.
  • You may see: Florida panther, Black bear, deer, otters, bobcat, alligators, turkey, boar, mink, unusual birds and beautiful butterflies. Rare and endangered plants such as native orchids, tropical flowering trees, giant ferns, fruit trees, towering palms, rare hardwood trees, herbs and bromeliads.
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